Different Types Of Metals Used In Jewelry Making


Metal plays a major role in making a traditional jewelry. It offers a huge impact on its durability, appearance as well as cost. Because of this big impact, anyone looking for wearing or buying jewelry must understand about metallurgy since it links to jewelry. Are you looking for the best online jewelry store for buying jewelry? Then you can purchase from https://gerrythejeweler.com/collection/engagement-rings/moissanite/ that contains different types of jewelry in various metals.

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Different range of metals is used in making recent jewelry model. But out of 86 known metals, only a few metals are used in creating contemporary jewelry. You will learn the most popular metals used in jewelry making in these days.

Gold is the only material that attracts the heart of many people. It is famous for its luster and rarity, and soon it became a payment method and significant component used in jewelry making. From the 15th century to till today, the popularity of gold continuous but along with gold and several metals are mixed to make gold jewelry. Since pure gold is very soft, it is mixed with metals like zinc and copper.

When buying gold metal, you must check the purity of the gold. For making rings and bracelets, 14KT or 18KT gold is used. You have other gold form options including Gold-filled jewelry, Gold Vermail jewelry, Gold Plated Jewelry, Rose Gold and White Gold Jewelry.

Like Gold, Silver is used by man in Jewelry. Like gold, pure silver is too soft to make jewelry, so other metals are mixed with it to enhance the durability of the jewelry. It is commonly mixed with copper, and there is different purity level that determines the quantity of pure silver in the metal. When shopping for a silver jewelry, you must decide the purity of the silver in the jewelry. Based on the level of purity, there are several forms of silver such as Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Silver Plate, and Nickel Silver.

Platinum is another common metal used in jewelry. It is a white, silvery metal that is more expensive than gold and very rare metal. It is also one of the heavier metals used in creating jewelry. Like Gold and Silver, Platinum is mixed with other types of metals for making jewelry. Buy you must ensure that when shopping Platinum, the minimum should be 95%. A platinum jewelry with less than 95% purity is considered as platinum alloy.

Stainless steel metal is also used in recent days because of the changing style and taste of the people. It was used in making industrial appliances, but it is preferred in making different types of jewelry ranging from necklace to earring. Both women and men prefer stainless steel jewelry in these days. Stainless steel metal is used in making dog tags, machined pendants and several experimental jewelry pieces.

So you must be cautious when shopping jewelry since there are several metal choices available in the market.

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