Different Types Of Commercial Photography

Commerci14836066316005c5baf4Commercial photography is a vast area which involves many categories and specializations. The beautiful photos that you see on those fancy websites, billboards or advertisements come under commercial photography explains a leading Calgary commercial photographer. These images are taken for use commercially, so as to promote a business or a product. But the copyright of these photos is with the photographer, refer phototechmag.com/the-business-of-photography-part-ii-copyright-licensing-and-business-plans/. Commercial photography aims to improve sales using the visual medium and or build awareness to the brand. The images they use to advertise will convey what words cannot, that is the business philosophy of the product or service.
There are many types of commercial photography; a few common ones are listed below.

Food industry is always a popular domain, and with the advent of the latest technology, its growth is on the rise. Food photography is a specialized category where the photographers capture pictures of cuisines, menus, people taking a bite, etc. in an attractive manner. Moreover, these days diners are also significant contributors to food photography as they capture and upload high-quality pictures of the dishes they try out in the restaurants.

This is the photography which is used to advertise a product, service or a brand and is considered the most popular category. These photos are used to bring the sales up. You can use the images captured in newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. Such photographs are used in digital and tv ads to promote their product or service. Usually, companies and businesses employ the services of an advertising agency or a design form to advertise their business.

Aerial shots
This is a photography category where photos are taken from a higher position at vantage points. These days drones are used to capture pictures through the use of high-quality cameras. Helicopters, parachutes and other aircrafts are also everyday choices for taking aerial photographs. There are several concepts used which include the focal length, index maps, stereoscopic coverage, etc.

Interior Design Photography
These are photos of the interiors of property or snaps of buildings, structure, etc. of any property. It can be a home, building or a restaurant. Lighting and shooting techniques are used to capture the beauty of the space. These are used to attract customers while you are starting out a new venture in any domain like real estate, restaurant, etc.

Product Photography
The company promotes products, builds brand awareness, etc. through the use of quality images to boost sales. This category is not a new concept but been used for decades now, with the trend only increasing. Quality photos are a great asset to companies who want to advertise the features and benefits of a product.

Automobile Photography
These are used by companies which manufacture vehicles both commercial as well as industrial. These photos will be used to promote upcoming or already existing models which detail the features along with the look of the vehicle to lure customers. It is also used by car accessories companies to highlight the way your car looks with those accessories attached. With the demand for such features increasing, these photos can further promote interest among customers.

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