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Different Types Of Commercial Photography

Commerci14836066316005c5baf4Commercial photography is a vast area which involves many categories and specializations. The beautiful photos that you see on those fancy websites, billboards or advertisements come under commercial photography explains a leading Calgary commercial photographer. These images are taken for use commercially, so as to promote a business or a product. But the copyright of these photos is with the photographer, refer Commercial photography aims to improve sales using the visual medium and or build awareness to the brand. The images they use to advertise will convey what words cannot, that is the business philosophy of the product or service.
There are many types of commercial photography; a few common ones are listed below.

Food industry is always a popular domain, and with the advent of the latest technology, its growth is on the rise. Food photography is a specialized category where the photographers capture pictures of cuisines, menus, people taking a bite, etc. in an attractive manner. Moreover, these days diners are also significant contributors to food photography as they capture and upload high-quality pictures of the dishes they try out in the restaurants.

This is the photography which is used to advertise a product, service or a brand and is considered the most popular category. These photos are used to bring the sales up. You can use the images captured in newspapers, magazines, flyers, etc. Such photographs are used in digital and tv ads to promote their product or service. Usually, companies and businesses employ the services of an advertising agency or a design form to advertise their business.

Aerial shots
This is a photography category where photos are taken from a higher position at vantage points. These days drones are used to capture pictures through the use of high-quality cameras. Helicopters, parachutes and other aircrafts are also everyday choices for taking aerial photographs. There are several concepts used which include the focal length, index maps, stereoscopic coverage, etc.

Interior Design Photography
These are photos of the interiors of property or snaps of buildings, structure, etc. of any property. It can be a home, building or a restaurant. Lighting and shooting techniques are used to capture the beauty of the space. These are used to attract customers while you are starting out a new venture in any domain like real estate, restaurant, etc.

Product Photography
The company promotes products, builds brand awareness, etc. through the use of quality images to boost sales. This category is not a new concept but been used for decades now, with the trend only increasing. Quality photos are a great asset to companies who want to advertise the features and benefits of a product.

Automobile Photography
These are used by companies which manufacture vehicles both commercial as well as industrial. These photos will be used to promote upcoming or already existing models which detail the features along with the look of the vehicle to lure customers. It is also used by car accessories companies to highlight the way your car looks with those accessories attached. With the demand for such features increasing, these photos can further promote interest among customers.

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Advantages Of Letting Kids Dabble In Arts And Crafts

Arts And Crafts

Kids these days are getting glued to screens at a younger age than the previous generations. One way of getting them to disengage from smart devices is by introducing them to new activities that will interest them and keep them occupied for a long time. Art and crafts is one particular idea that many parents are warming up to. You can find the materials for these art and craft activities like . Websites like offer plenty of different ideas to find the right niche of activities for your child. They also offer lots of interesting ideas for the whole family to work together on an art and craft project.

Here are a few reasons why you need to introduce your children to the world of art and crafts as soon as possible:

· Self-Expression and Imagination
Art and crafts enable your kids to express their true self without inhibition. It enables them to let go of their imagination and create vivid projects that let them explore different mediums and topics. Once a child starts going to school, they often find their imagination is being restricted by what the teachers expect them to do. Letting the kids indulge in a bit of art and craft activity makes sure that they still remain in control of their ability to express their creativity as vividly as possible.

· Individualism
Every child is unique. They have their dreams and aspirations. Letting them indulge in a bit of creativity via art and different crafts lets them chart out their path in this world. It might even spark an interest along a new path. Kids also learn about different skills like completing goals and trying to improve themselves by attempting different craft projects. It is also a tool for them to display their individualism.

· Improve Their Academic Performance
Many educators and parents have found that using arts and crafts helps kids learn literary and mathematical concepts faster and even retain them for a longer time. This is one of the reasons why educators recommend using different techniques to teach certain hard to grasp techniques to kids from a young age onwards. Using ribbons, popsicle sticks and other material to learn the basic principles of addition and subtraction ill ensure that the kids do not forget them at all.

· Life Skills
As a child works hard to complete their art and craft project, they pick a lot of life skills also along the way. These skills include creativity, ability to finish their work, cooperating with others, following directions, multitasking, and an urge to improve oneself and so on. This is why school curriculums all over the world ensure that an art class is included in the time table. This helps kids get in touch with their creative side and learn new skills along the way. Interestingly, many famous artists and sculptures have displayed an aptitude for art from a young age itself. So you never know, your child might become the next Picasso with the right encouragement!

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Home Staging Helps To Sell Your House Easily


People who wish to sell their house can make use of home staging so that they can sell it for a better price. Home staging is a process where you make your house attractive and appealing to customers who are in search of a house. It is an effective real-estate marketing tool used by people all over the world as it offers good results. Real estate agent suggests their clients to perform home staging so they can sell their property easily. A Well Dressed Home attracts people and it helps them to visualizes living in the house. The link highlights the importance of home staging.

People should follow certain real estate marketing strategies so that they can succeed in real estate industry. Home staging is a powerful marketing strategy which is suggested by real estate agents. The article lists the reasons on how home staging helps to sell your house.

Proven Results
Recent statistics show that a home staged house sells 73 percent faster than an unstaged house. It may cost more for the home staging process, but it is worth the money spent as the demand for your home staged house increases in the real estate market. There are various success stories of people who have sold their home staged house for a competitive price. Professional stagers can help you to make your house attractive. Home staging helps to market the house located in a bad location.

Location Is Not Everything
Some customers do not give importance to the location of the property. With the help of home staging marketing tool, you can target the customers who can compromise the location of the house they buy. Home staging creates an impression for your house and inspires various customers.

Clear The Clutter
This is the important process that is done during the home staging activity. Clearing unwanted and personal stuff from your house makes the buyers visualize living in the house. Depersonalize your house so that you can increase the demand for your house in the real estate market. You can seek the help of professional home stager who offer tips to market your house.
Make the house usable, comfortable and spacious, create a space which looks appealing to the buyer. Remove the extra furniture placed in your house and make changes on furniture placements based on the buyer’s need. Choose appealing and pleasant colors for painting your house. Thus home staging makes your house attractive to the buyers.

Picture Speaks Louder
Home buyers start their hunt for their desired house through online websites. A photograph of your home staged house available online can offer a visual edge of your house to the buyers. Highlight the strengths of your property by projecting them with the help of a quality photograph. This can improve the demand for your property regardless of the real estate market conditions.

Work With Professionals
Home staging can be fine-tuned when you hire a professional home stager. The professional home stager offers the right advice for homeowners, and they can sell their house for a better price.

The above are the ways and reason to home stage your house and sell your house quickly with less effort.

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Say Cheese! Reasons Why A Wedding Photographer Should Not Be Ignored

Wedding Photographer

The big day’s finally here. You send out invitations for the guests, buy the wedding trousseau, and scrutinize the ongoing preparations. To capture those candid moments in a frame, hire Choco Studio: wedding photographer in San Francisco and cherish those intimate moments with your friends and family. Further, elucidates the fact that a wedding photographer is as important as a caterer or a designer.

Importance Of A Wedding Photographer
Why is there such a lot of brouhaha over those talented people behind the camera lens; those photographers who create timeless memories and give you a reason to smile all over again? Here’s a simple reason. Your wedding day is one of the most special moments of your life. Your love story is unique and it is natural that you should share it with your family.

When you sit down to make an estimate of the wedding expenses, make sure that you allocate a sizeable budget towards wedding photography. You do not want to just look at the guests who made it to your wedding. Rather, you want to remember the silent tear from your father’s eye or the first blush as you march down the aisle hand-in-hand with your soulmate.

As days turn into months and months make way for years, there is something beautiful about going back to your wedding day. A professional wedding photographer will capture all the splendid moments of your wedding day, right from the gorgeous bridal wear to the fresh flowers that adorned the mantle.

Factors To Consider
For a hassle-free experience, you must look into few factors before hiring a wedding photographer. Let us take a look at few of them.

1. Budget: Make a mental note to save where necessary and spend lavishly on a good quality, professional photographer. Over time, the tiara will be put away, and no one would remember about those 4-tiered wedding cake. What really will stay are the candid memories of your special day.
2. Know your style: Have you imagined a beachside wedding or do you prefer going the traditional way? Whatever are your personal choices, do a thorough research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations. You might as well spend a few extra dollars for a high-quality photo shoot, rather than tightening your purse strings and experience disappointment later.
3. Book in advance: Most of the wedding photographers are booked years in advance. Be on your toes and hire a photographer once the wedding dates are finalized.
4. Types of photographers: You cannot just hire a wedding photographer who runs a shop at the corner of your street. To start off, you should know that there are three styles of wedding photography.
· Traditional: In this style of photography, the key shots are planned in advance. For instance, there can be group shots or it can include candid shots of the couple.
· Photojournalistic: All the key elements are captured, and extra focus is paid on freezing the emotion of the event in an unobtrusive manner.
· Artistic: Commonly referred to as a creative or editorial style, it captures the shots from varied angles using abstract backgrounds or enhanced lighting.

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Holidaying In New York


When you are about to spend a holiday in New York, then you may find yourself in a lot of dilemma with regards to choices because there are far too many things worth doing in New York. It has been stated in a number of articles by some of the most popular online sites like that exploring the entire city of New York can’t be done in a single holiday. Hence, it will always be more sensible to prioritize the things that you will be doing in New York keeping in mind your nature and personality.

The things that you like to do and the activities in which you like to participate must be planned out keeping in view the amount of time that you have to spend in the city. If you fail to plan as well as prioritize most accurately, then it is likely that you won’t be able to maximize the fun that you have in the city. If you like sightseeing or visiting museums, then it is best that you try to get a complete list of all the museums in New York City.

When you have the complete list of museums in New York City, then you will be in a very stable stead to plan out a course of action in order to visit as many of them as possible. It is obvious that all museums will not have the same appeal for you. So, you will not find it very tough to prioritize the museums to which you will be going first. It is possible that you have heard about the Top of the Rock Observatory which is located in New York City.

If you want to get the best view of the entire city, then this is the best possible way to do it. The beauty and appeal of the nighttime view of the New York City as observed from the Top of the Rock Observatory is among the things that have been appreciated by people from all over the world.

The empire state building is one of the landmarks of the New York City that define the very essence and meaning of this city. So, it is important that you go to see this monument because of the historical significance that it has. Some of you may already know that for a very long time the Empire State Building was the tallest building on the entire planet. The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are among the structures which are famous all over the world. There is almost zero doubt about the fact that these two structures serve as an identification of this great city to the rest of the world.

The American Museum of Natural History is a place that can entertain and delight almost anyone who wants to learn and grow. Even if you are not a student of any particular discipline, you will get to learn many things at this great museum. Dinosaur skeletons in this museum have always delighted not only children but people of all ages.

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Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Photographer


With the invention of digital cameras and the photo editing software, things have become easier for those practicing photography. Due to the presence of innumerable photography firms, it will be a daunting task for you to select the right company that suits your requirements especially when you do not know some of the vital factors to consider in your selection process. Professional photographers like the popular Ignite Images in London are the right ones to bring all kinds of photographers under one umbrella so that they can have a large customer or client base. However, such professional firms limit their services when it comes to wedding photography since there are innumerable freelancing professional available in the market. To know more about professional photographers, one can browse the website to get more details about them.

Professional photographers capture the beauty and meaning of things, living and non-living, through their cameras. To have an eye of a photographer, one must consider the following: the object, the play of light and other variables like wind, the angle, and his or her purpose. Of course, the type of camera used makes a difference in results. Hence you need to decide what kind of images you need, so as to find the right photographer for your needs. Let us know the variety of photographers who are available in the market. A photographer is an artist who simply clicks on a camera and produces a masterpiece.

Portrait photographer: This expert usually captures images of persons, pets, plants or anything in a studio. This type of photographers can also work on outdoor as per the needs of the clients. These experts can be hired for family ceremonies, for personal identification and other events

Freelance photographer: This type of photographers works for hobby or some business purposes. As the name suggests, it is the freest as there is no restriction to objects. This type of expert can also be used in outdoor to take natural beauties like sunsets, mountains, rivers, beaches etc.

Commercial and industrial photographer: These special photographers are generally hired for taking pictures of buildings, products and even models. The real purpose is for advertisement or promotion as in billboards, posters, catalogues, magazines, etc. His or her other objects may be industrial equipment, places, and personnel. The photographs can be used for company records and analysis.

Scientific photographer: In general, these experts are hired for pure science demonstrations in the areas of medicine, human physiology, diseases with symptoms and so on.

Fine arts photographer: These people are generally hired to take the images of painting, architecture or sculpture as objects. The goal is to copy the beauty as images. A fine arts photographer may also be a photographer for models.

Photo-journalist: Mostly these experts used for sports, magazines, newspapers and are generally hired by journal houses for their publication needs. These pictures are commonly used in newspapers, televisions, magazines, etc. The main purpose is to capture not only images but stories behind those images: for entertainment, for information, or for a record.

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Capture The Childhood Of Your Angel

newborn photographyHaving a baby is the most beautiful feeling in this world. With this precious addition to the family, our lives take a complete turn. Seeing your children grow from tender little angels to charming young lads is an out of the world experience for every parent. What could be better than, to be able to capture these beautiful memories in an album, which we can revisit many years later to re-live those precious times? Hence the trend for maternity, baby and kid’s shoots is increasing day by day, with many photographers specializing in this field of portrait photography. Kristy Mannix Photography is one of them having a magnificent collection of themes and packages.
Being photography truly a craft of creativity and perfection, if to be believed newborn photography definitely needs a lot of patience, speed and focus on getting the best click of your little one in few seconds.
Social media has given us wonderful platform to share precious moments of our life with our family and friends. Although there are multiple options of high-end mobile cameras and DSLRs available in the market for you to explore your passion, in case you don’t have that knack, then professional photographers are there to help. That’s why, whether it’s marriage, a party, the couple soon going to be parents, to make every moment perfect and memorable, everyone seeks professional assistance nowadays.
Maternity and newborn photography have some specific considerations to be taken care of.
1. The location, theme, overall feel of the shoot should be very comforting and natural. Some of the best clicks happen when there is a sense of carelessness in the environment.
2. Since the newborn is too small to cooperate with the photographer every time as the elders do, these shoots may take a lot of time sometimes and get really challenging. Hence patience plays the trick here.
3. Taking up the theme with props makes the overall appearance really special and complete. There are some really adorable, cute themes like cartoon characters, fairy, butterfly, pirate and background themes like sea, rainbow etc. are available which can be chosen from to enhance the cuteness and beauty quotient of the photo.
4. Safety of the little one is of utmost importance. Safely handling the baby while positioning the props and the pose, not leaving the baby with the prop unattended, the light effect and flash setting should be appropriate to avoid any harm to the health of the little one etc
5. The credentials and portfolio of the professional should be reviewed before setting up an appointment. He/she is being registered with some renowned photography institute is definitely a plus, past experiences of portrait photography especially a maternity or baby shoot and the review of the people for whom they have done work in the past increase our confidence in their expertise.
Other types of packages offered also include kid (2-17 years) photoshoots, family portraits which can also be explored. At the end of the day, work speaks for itself, so review their past work and depending upon the packages you can afford, get a beautiful photoshoot done to treasure these priceless moments.

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Reasons To Hire A Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographer

Hiring a pro for your wedding photos by using the eminent and trusted site can be a brilliant way to ensure that your memories s look great. Even if you hire an amateur photographer with the right skills, you will be able to get the job done in an apt style, as suggested by

If you want to conserve and preserve the memories of a once in a lifetime event, then it must be done with grace and style. A photographer with super cool skills as well as expertise can add a lot of extra zing, excellent colors and a taste of new life to the photos that are taken on the special day.

Unique and amazing pictures of the special day in your life matter a lot to people. Ensure that the beautiful memories stay with you forever by choosing the right photographer. A lot of people are of the opinion that if they do not hire a brilliant photographer, then it would not matter much in the larger scheme of things. But this is far from the truth because of the obvious reality that all people want to relive their special days at some point in time in the near of the distant future. So, if a person with very little skill and aptitude is given the task of taking your wedding photos, then the quality of photos may never be as per your liking.

The knack or talent for taking photos is not always enough because these attributes may not always show in the results. A person with little experience but a fair amount of talent can be given the task of clicking photos for a normal day out, but for extraordinary occasions, a person with superior skills must be chosen. Yes, the amount of money that you will spend to hire a pro will be substantial, but the results that you get will always be superb enough to ensure that you do not feel the pinch. In fact, if you ensure that a first rate photographer is chosen, then the admirable outcome will make you exceptionally happy.

Taking pictures on a wedding day is not just an art but also science which requires the photographer to know various factors which determine the attributes of a photo. The class, worth and the excellence of any moment may never be captured one hundred percent by any photographer.

But a brilliant photographer can ensure that the moment is captured as beautifully as possible along with ensuring that the look and appeal of the picture are genuine. It is these features in a photo or a set of photos taken on a certain occasion that help any person in recollecting the day even when it is long gone. A photographer of true eminence can add a lot more to your memories than mere skills and camera angles. Always hire a photographer who can establish a fair level of comfort and proper, professional relationship with not only you but also people around you.

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All About Aerial Photography

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography has been around for a long while, where photographers would take beautiful photographs from a helicopter or a small plane. These days it has become even more popular with the introduction of drones to the market. Altitude Imaging is usually done for many reasons like art photography or surveying the landscape or city development etc. The recent article that appeared in states that choosing an unusual angle to shoot your photos can give them an ethereal look.

Gone are the days when the desk based research was enough for any kind of research. These days aerial photography has become quite crucial to researchers in almost all fields. There are several different elements to be considered in an aerial survey to make sure that the information collected is useful to the research. Aerial photography has been used in archeology for more than a century and has evolved over the past few years. With the added technology of GIS, it means that aerial photography will be around for a long time to come. Most of the time researchers prefer to have black and white images taken, as they are cheaper as well as much easier to pick out features because of the contrast. There are two types of aerial photographs usually taken as seen below:

Oblique Photographs
These photographs are taken at which angle serves the best view of the landscape or feature. It is around usually 45 degrees. These kinds of images are used to get a broader context of a particular feature or the area around it in archeology. They are also taken at a lower elevation and in fewer numbers since its usage is quite limited. In this particular perspective, a problem that arises is that the image is that the feature will be smaller than it appears in the photograph. Most researchers prefer oblique images to be taken during the winter season, as it is easier to view the features then.

Vertical Photography
This is the more popular form of aerial photography. Since the plan view is used, there is perspective distortion in the photographs. Although, it makes it difficult for the researchers to understand the change in the land height, as it is not visible in the top view used. This type of aerial photography is not used much in archeology as it focuses more on the topography. Vertical photographs are easier to understand than oblique images. Interestingly the best vertical images are taken during the winter season. As the altitude increases, sometimes the soil marks and crops might be missed, so experts suggest sticking to a lower altitude to get clearer images.

Applications Of Aerial Photography
Aerial photography has been found to be useful in several disciplines like
· Archeology
· Checking for crop marks
· Checking for soil marks
· Low profile monuments
· Research in urban development
· Planning new roads
· Developing townships
· Understanding climate change
· Geology studies and so on
With the advances in technology, aerial technology has improved a lot over the years, making it very useful is several fields for several different uses.

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Excellent Tips To Select A Good Newborn Photographer

new born photographer

Photography is a hobby for many people. Some people do photography as a hobby and some do photography for commercial purposes. There are many different photographers available in the market like Kristy Mannix Photography who offer aerial photography, architectural photography, newborn photography, candid photography, documentary photography, fashion photography, sports photography, wildlife photography and the list goes on. has a comprehensive list of the newborn photographers that will suit your budget and requirements.

· You can classify photography into two major groups, one with poses and the other one is the lifestyle. Poses type photography is typical traditional type photography where you have to go to a photo studio with your newborn baby to take pictures. Generally, the photographer will take some photos with different poses and different background settings. The photographer will be using different baby blankets, headbands and hats with different sitting positions to take some good photos. This will be quite uneasy for a newborn baby and also it is very difficult to make your baby pose for different styles.

· On the other hand, lifestyle photography is taken in a very natural way. These types of photos are taken at home, in family functions, and with different family environments. These photos will be in a more relaxed manner as they are taken in an original environment.

· Both the methods are useful for taking photos of your new-born baby. Mostly studio type posed photos are taken in a very professional manner using modern technology methods.

Proper Posing with safety
· The first and important thing is that your newborn photographer has to consider all the safety measures while making your baby to pose in different poses. He should never make your baby feel uncomfortable. He should also know how to move the baby safely from one position to another position. It is also good to use parent’s help to change the position because the newborn baby will be more relaxed with parents than a new person.

· A good photographer will make sure that your baby’s face is not covered either by baby’s hands or blankets. The hands have to be kept under your newborn baby’s chin or cheek. An open mouth and twin chin photos will look good for adults, but it is not the right pose for infants. Ensure your baby is fully exposed in excellent lighting background. A good photographer will make sure that no photos are taken by showing your babies lower front nudity pictures.

Selection Criteria
You can select a good newborn photographer even by checking their website. You are able to see some sample photos taken by them on the website. Also, you can find the details about the photographer with their level of experience in the field. It is good to go for an experienced photographer as they will have enough experience in handling new babies. A newborn photographer is entirely different from other types of photographers as they need to handle a newborn baby for quite a long time without any trouble to your baby.

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